We are Bebe Furniture, and we are proud of our history. Woodworking expertise has been in our family through three generations handed down from Father to Son. Our skills and business philosophy were brought to this country two generations ago and evolved into Bebe Furniture.

Today Bebe Furniture brings a tasteful elegance into your home with classic handcrafted furniture, blending old world charm and style with a level of craftsmanship attained only by our unique manufacturing process.

While other manufactures look for "Short Cuts" through mass production, Bebe Furniture continues to create furniture with the same number of individuality. Bebe's tradition of excellence uses the same tools as their forbears. The human eye, the human hand and the skilled craftsmen working together creating fine furniture for you. Our quality craftsmanship and design ensure enjoyment and use for generations to come.

We strive to provide a quality product that is both functional in use and is a value to the consumer. Our strong belief that the retail consumer is ultimately our customer ensures high levels of customer service to our network of authorized dealers. In the tradition of Bebe Furniture we proudly present our bedroom collections.

We produce quality Oak Bedroom Furniture similar to Furniture Traditions.